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  spam filter software

Fed up of deleting junk mail every day? Try a Spam Filter

    Hi, my name's Matt Garrett and I spend a lot of time on the internet. I run a number of different web sites, some for pleasure some for profit. As I am now having a fair amount of success with my web sites on the internet I have decided to set up a series of websites to share what I have learnt over the last few years, hopefully to help other people save time and money. This is one such site, dedicated to one of the most useful time saving resources I have found - Spam Filter software.  

Spam Filter software reviewed

    If you spend anytime surfing the net, or have any web sites with your email address on, you will find that somehow your email address gets out there and gets grabbed by more and more people who share with other etc etc You suddenly find that when you check your email you're getting junk email (aka spam) in your in box. 

Are you suffering from more and more spam or junk email

Get a spam filter!

    The amount of spam you receive seem to just grow and grow, unsubscribe from junk email lists never seems to have much effect, in fact in many cases it seems to just increase the amount of spam and junk email you get. I personally got to the stage where I was spending 10 minutes or more each day just clearing out spam and junk mail from my in box, so I decided if I was having this problem other people would be as well, therefore someone somewhere must have come up with a decent spam filter system to deal with the irritation of junk mail. So I went looking...
    I found quite a few systems and tried out those that seemed to offer good features, so I decided to try a few. This site is the result....

So here's the best the spam filter software I've found: -


Block 100% of Spam Now for Free!!!

  • Challenge/Response blocks 100% of Spam
  • Works with your existing email addresses
  • Use with popular email programs, inc. Outlook & Eudora
  • Free accounts now available

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